About Barqtron

We offer a complete and advanced range of underground high voltage and extra high voltage products and services. We manage all your energy needs from project planning to maintenance, all with an optimized financial plan tailored to your needs.

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From the idea conception to its implementation, we ensure together we get the job done.


We manage and supervise construction work to build the project, assuring quality, safety and cost competitiveness in accordance with local regulations and international standards.

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We manage the commissioning of your plant, grid stations and T&D lines to ensure that each equipment operates as designated and performs as expected.

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Project Management

We plan all aspects of the process, ensuring the completion of the project to the highest standard.

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Barqtron is able to produce and manufacture top quality steel structures, plant material, conduits, cleats, trays and other related substantials for projects.

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Procurement & Purchasing

We are able to negotiate and supply all bankable technology from OEM’s as well as world class services suitable to the project at the best possible terms.

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We design Power Projects, Grid Station and T&D lines with optimum results commited to deliver with in the budget & project requirements.

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Meters HV Cable Layed
MegaWatt Transmission Capacity Added
Voltage Level Worked Upto

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Sophisticatedly Engineered & Swiftly Executed Results.

  • Underground Cables & Systems
  • Power Grids
  • Overhead Transmission Line
  • Power Electrification
  • Green Energy
  • Industrial Automation
  • Health Care
  • Electric Vehicle

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